Pandorum 2: Going Deeper into the Movie and into the Outer Space

Prepare for an adventure that will lead you into the limits of outer space – Pandorum 2 is coming. The common practice in the world of films is to make a sequel if the first film did well in the box office. But director Christian Alvart does not seem to go along with the normal practice – Pandorum was not the apple for the critics’ eyes of the critics – and is still aiming for a sequel. In fact, they are planning to make a prequel. So there you have it, Pandorum 2 and a possible Pandorum 3. Certainly, the producers wanted to give you more about the story; so it’s not just about the money.

For a quick recap, Pandorum refers to an astronaut’s physiological condition during his travel in deep outer space. Alvart claimed in the bonus section of the DVD release that Pandorum is an allegory of man’s life on earth. The ship, Elysium, represents the earth and in the back story told by Leland (Eddie Rouse), the presence of evil is tackled. The evil is the primary factor of man’s degradation, a theme which is present in poems such as Paradise Lost and Works and Days. The title of the film is derived from two names and these are Pandora and Pandemonium.

Another mythological reference that is used in the movie is the name of the ship which is derived from the classical mythology. When heroes die, they board on Elysium which is also their resting place. The ship treads along River Lethe, a place in the underworld where their memories about their life on earth are erased. Erasing their memory is needed for their souls to be reincarnated. Another allusion to the underworld is the “Hell Itself” or the Hunter’s Lair which is similar to the Third Circle of Hell in the Divine Comedy.

The Pandorum cast includes Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Andre Hennicke, Cung Le, Wotan Wilke Mohring, Dennis Quaid, Norman Reedus, Eddie Rouse, Niels Bruno Smithand Antje Traue. The producers are Paul Anderson, Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer. The story was written by Christian Alvart and Travis Milloy. Overture Films is the distributor of the movie.

So what does Pandorum 2 have in store? Alvart was very vocal about the Pandorum trilogy with the first movie being the middle of the story. So right from the beginning, the original plan was to make a prequel and a sequel. Alvart believes that they have not been able to scratch the shell of a more interesting set of concepts that makes the movie unique. Pandorum 2 will probably be a prequel that tells the story of the team while they were still on Earth, preparing for the voyage. There will be a new character, a protagonist who will fight his way out of the ship.

There will be great revelations that will lead us to discover the secrets behind the mission as well as the story behind Leland’s tank. You will meet a set of characters whose story will be the main theme of the third movie.

Pandorum 3 will be the direct sequel to Pandorum wherein the characters from 1 and 2 will be brought together. Their mission would be to go against all odds in building a new civilization in a new planet, Tanis, which is more violent than they thought. They would have to go to the wrecked ship and get everything they need for survival. The prequel will involve no monsters because the film will be on a psychological thriller standpoint. Part three will touch the psycho-thriller elements but will also bring a lot of action because the war for survival in Tanis has begun.

Alvart was surprised to see a Facebook page wherein 500,000 Pandorum fans express their support for the film. Alvart wishes for the audience to discover more about the film as well as finding ways to support the movie.

As the film is still under development, check out for news updates to get the info about the relevant dates. In the meantime, see the trailer to get a glimpse of the film and how being scared and thrilled can be awesome. Be one of the first watchers of this awesome film. Watch out for for the release date so that you can get tickets for the advanced screening of Pandorum 2.

Until Pandorum 2 trailer will be released we let you enjoy the first movie trailer.